Wednesday, 18 July 2018

The Apostles ‎– "Libertarian Propaganda - The 3rd Demo" (Scum Tapes) 1982

How many Demo's does one have to make before you realise Crass records aren't gonna release your album?
Plenty more social comment from Jesus Crass's Apostles, sitting around the travellers campfire strumming three chord tunes about freedom,whilest at the same time knowing that they can slope off to Mum and Dad's nice warm house in London NW3 if they run out of fuel.
It was hard being an Anarcho-Punk you know?.....especially after 'the Battle of StoneHenge' (1985) when the cops smashed up all their buses and ended this all this fake trust-fund hippie nonsense once and for all.


1 The Apostles
2 Kill Your Pet Prole
3 Kings Cross
4 Thalidomide
5 Fear Of Freedom
6 Eric’s Detachables
7 Fucking Queer
8 Proletarian Autonomy
9 Burn The Witch
10 Libertarian Youth
11 The Innocent Bystander
12 Etc Etc
13 Mister Missed Her
14 The Death Factory
15 New Face In N16
16 After The Fact
17 Alien Asian Alien Nation
18 1985


Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Palin of course but the reference here appears to actually be FAKE NEWS!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suspected as such, but it fits, and the bitch deserves it.

665+1 said...

Truly a great band, these guys. Truly one of the most progressive groups to come out of the anarcho scene, and definitely one of the more daring. "Punk Obituary" and "Hymn To Pan" are messterpieces of post-punk/industrial/folk/blues-fusion, lower class (these guys were not quite the posh stereotype of the anarcho squatter) queer anger, and a refreshing rejection of bands like Crass' nonsense pacifist stance.