Sunday, 15 July 2018

The Apostles ‎– "The 1st. Demo!" (Scum Tapes ‎– SCUM ONE) 1981

Although previously described in these pages as the 'Worst' Anarcho-punk band, that was meant as no criticism. If all Anacho/Peacepunk bands sounded as awful and grungey (not as in Nirvana!) as this lot, then I'd probably listen to more of it. Also they don't seem to adhere 100% to the Anarcho-template, with a wide variety of toe-curlingly bad styles. Of course, the lyrical content covers the same subjects as Crass, as if we didn't know what they were.
Their DIY aesthetics were unreproachable, releasing many homemade cassettes, only relasing a few singles later in their tenure.
Respect is due however, as they seemed to actually notice that the Anarcho-Punk movement was becoming nothing more than an army of conformists dressed in fading black uniforms,ridgily adhearing to a distorted interpretation of what 'Anarchy' really was, Not a grubby perversion of Communism, but about Autonomy ,libitarianism and personal freedom. They also dared to habor varied musical tastes, as opposed to the conformist tendancies of their contemporaries stuck in the Zounds/Crass straitjacket.
Unsurpisingly,however, the address on the insert is very much a classic Anarcho-punker's one....Julian of Hampstead.Scum tapes from the cruel leafy lanes of semi-detatched north London.


A1 Erics Detachables
A2 Some Men Are Born To Rule
A3 Killing For Peace
A4 Solidaridad Proletaria
A5 New Crimes
A6 Unknown
A7 Proletarian Autonomy
A8 The New Subhumans
A9 Hyde Park
A10 Time Bomb
A11 Indian Thing
A12 Drop The Bomb
A13 No Clear Future
B1 Absolution Of Guilt
B2 Anti-Christ
B3 Pete The Plectrum
B4 Hyde Park
B5 A Social Disease
B6 The Stoke Newington Eight
B7 N.W.3
B8 Unknown
B9 The Uniform
B10 God Is Dead

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Anonymous said...

Hey kids, remember tapes? If you want an example of the phenomenon known as wow and flutter check Absolution of guilt by the Apostles!! This sounds like its being covered by a Dalek.