Monday, 16 July 2018

Jandek ‎– "I Woke Up" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0764) 1997

It's the conspiracy theory that is 'Jandek Monday' again.
I used to like a nice conspiracy Theory but now "I Woke Up".
Of course, "Wake Up" is a favourite phrase of those suffering with the latest God replacement therapy  of Global Conspiracy Theories ,which has many sects....such as...... Chem Trails, Anti-Vacc, the approach of Planet X/Niburu, Flat earthers, 9/11 Troothers, alien abductees,......the list goes on.
Like the inmates of organised Religions, they have an inpenetrable talent for dismissing facts and evidence  harmful to their delusions as Lies from the secret government, and that anyone who believes the 'Official' line is either brainwashed or a government 'Shill'....whatever a 'Shill' is?
Its a special kind of madness to which Jandek is the perfect soundtrack for. All are products of the modern information age, where nothing can be truly believable,except that which cannot be disproved, Jesus-style......even when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, they can argue that the evidence isn't in itself proveable, which is correct.Nothing based on imagination and superstition can be disproven,or proven 100%. The best I can do on the existence of Planet Niburu is say that according to current scientific evidence Planet Niburu almost certainly is not coming towards the earth and so far there is little evidence that such a planet exists in our solar system.
The Flat-Earthers are the best ones for this. The simple mountains of evidence that the Earth is spherical,is literally undeniable......but they still deny it. Its all a cover-up isn't it? And we need to "WAKE UP"! Well I woke up anyway, and have no need to fill the empty void inside myself with either a God or silly theories about how we're being controlled.......of course we're being controlled, there's no news there,it just depends on how to cope with this fact......and it ain't nothing to do with Planet Fucking Niburu either!!!!!We do it it to ourselves.
Maybe a Jandek LP can get them to "WAKE UP" but its doubtful?
Anyway, this record will either wake you up with its startling anti-musicality, or send you deeper to sleep with Jandek's moaning croons about hopelessness and loneliness.


1 First Awake Moment 2:26
2 Alone On That Mountain 3:53
3 I Can Not 4:03
4 Get Back Inside 3:00
5 Long Long 3:47
6 Joab 2:40
7 Equaled In Life 2:16
8 Star Of Zenith 3:55
9 Take It Easy 2:09
10 Just Die 3:53
11 Pending Doom 1:15
12 Sleepless Night 2:22
13 Today 1:26

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Anonymous said...

"The question is not: do we believe in God? but rather: does God believe in us? And the answer is: only an unbeliever could have created our image of God; and only a false God could be satisfied with it."