Saturday, 7 July 2018

Autumn Poison ‎– "Songs Of Anger, Songs Of Hope" (New Crimes Tapes ‎– NC8) 1983

Who would have thought that the magnificent Stripey Zebras would become a joyless Anarcho-Punk band, banging on about Fox Hunting and war in place of the far more subversive subjects of Donny and Marie Osmond, Greta Garbo, and Disco's.
These chaps wanna lighten up a bit!?
On a topical note they do mention Govt chemical weapons facility 'Porton Down', just down the road from Anarcho-Punk homeland, Stone 'Enge........WARNING*! Spinal Tappisms could follow!?
Autumn Poison indeed,This week those filthy Russians have poisoned two of our finest British piss heads in near-by Sailsbury, with some discarded Novichok Nerve Agent.Conspiracy Theorists will draw sweeping conclusions about the coincidence that this facility is so close to these 'attacks', and that its in the middle of the World Cup.....whatever basically. But i am not unaware that the roots of this modern conspiracy syndrome madness that led directly to the election of leaders that make their nemesis 'Thatcher' look like Mahatma Ghandi; had their roots in the very same Anarcho-Punk culture that bangs on relentlessly about leaders such as Trump.Oh the Irony!?....what would the lickle children of Stone 'enge have said? (told ya*).


A1 Hiroshima
A2 War Crimes (Afghanistan, El Salvador)
A3 Fox Hunting
A4 Uranium
A5 Worship The Bomb
A6 The Power And The Glory
A7 Smokescreen
A8 Swords Into Ploughshares
B1 Animals Are Not Ours To Eat, Wear Or Experiment On
B2 Who Would Rape Mother Earth?
B3 Contributory Negligence
B4 Dirty Business
B5 Porton Down
B6 The Sun Says
B7 Sense Your Own Strength


Anonymous said...

this is not there best stuff the had a second tape Kitchen Sink Politics is way better musically and lyric's hey also released a rehearsal tape as well then in 1987 they change there name to love over law think a poppy version of the mob they released 2 tape on in 88 and the last one 1990

Graham Burnett said...

Ha ha good summary, even Penny Rimbaud said he preferred us as The Stripey Zebras!