Monday, 30 July 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Rupert Preaching At A Picnic" (Naïve Records ‎– Naive 002) 1981

Another 'New Town' and Britains premier,experimental, 'Garden City' of Welwyn Garden City,on the outskirts of London, is the next destination in our trip around the more obscurer end of the UK local band compilations fad.
I had no idea where this place was until i just googled it.
Portion Control came from here,and an early, pre-industrial track from them is included here,nestling awkwardly among the Power Pop and Post-Punk choons.
The other group who made a future impression on the record buying public here, was The Marine Girls. A quoted favourite of Kurt Cobain no less,not that that's any recommendation, they included future Everything But The Girl chanteuse, Tracey Thorn;and went on to adorn the CD racks of white collar employees everywhere.


A1 –The Frets - Two Choices
A2 –Elusive Diplomats - Twist And Run
A3 –Bona Dish - Actress
A5 –Life Machine - Life And Times
A5 –Köln - Dope Prohibition
A6 –Oblivion II - Sword
A7 –The Absentees - Fairytales
B1 –The Innocent Vicars - She Was My Girl
B2 –Marine Girls - Hate The Girl
B3 –Frankies Crew - Somebody
B4 –Deranged - Factory Girl
B5 –The Plugs - Bat Brain Moon Man Boiler Boy
B6 –Amatory Mass - Girl On The Corner
B7 –Eddy Steady Go - Boy Named Sue
B8 –Portion Control - Preach


W. said...

I am totally enjoying this musical tour of the UK.

I find it amazing how many places got it together to put these LPs out - maybe they thought there was money in it.

Absoluely no hurry but I'm looking forward to visiting Reading - and I'm pretty sure I've never said that before.

Jonny Zchivago said...

For those of your who haven't discovered Reading...(red-ing not Reeding)'s a link:

Philip Johnson said...

I don't think anyone expected to get rich out of doing one of these albums, although a few bands went on to have longer careers after being on one. Sometimes they were funded by local government/arts money (the words "Musicians' Collective" are generally a clue to that). Some were got together by people who ran local venues. I think they were generally a safe bet to get distribution and a bit of airplay on Peel (and locally), so probably most of them didn't lose money.

Mark L. said...

Nice, forgot to add this one to my req/mentions.
Cheers, Mark