Monday, 9 July 2018

The Mental ‎– "Mental Breakdown" (Bluurg Tapes ‎– BLUURG 3) 1981

The Mental were the very teenage punk group of Dick Lucas, future leader of The Subhumans (UK),and founder of 'Bluurg Tapes'.
Its a kind of fuzzy/shouty Anarcho-punk hybrid of Crass and Zounds.The hard rural sound of  Melksham in the punk infested greenfields of Wiltshire. Which I suppose is the traditional homeland of Anarcho-punk.....y'know, Stone'Enge and all that? 
The cassette is a compilation of two early Demo's and the vinyl EP they released in 1980; before Dick joined forces with 'The Stupid Humans' to become The Subhumans.
Not a very politically right-on group name though wazzit Dick?


A1 God For A Day
A2 18
A3 Kill The Bill
A4 Off The Rails
A5 Party Political Bullshit
A6 1985
A7 Paranoia Syndrome
A8 Paper World
A9 Oi
A10 Party Political Bullshit
A11 Oy! [Fried Tomatoes]
A12 Fun In Camden
A13 Attack

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