Monday, 30 July 2018

Jandek ‎– "Glad To Get Away" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0762) 1994

Its Monday, its Jandek,Its jandek monday!Whoop-e-dooo!
With a cover almost identical to the previous album "Graven Image", this album starts off with a 'Bitter Tale' then Jandek delivers the sing-a-long hook of  ‘Hey mister can you tell me, is there a knife stuck in your face?’
I think you know where this is going? And even what this sounds like; so, as i'm dying from heat exhaustion, i'm just gonna cut'n'paste a review from the internet on the end here,to save me going over old ground again,about detuned guitars, despairing vocals and stuff.

“Sixteen years after his first album, Jandek sounds more confident in his playing, and his vocals are more up front, but his detuned/untuned acoustic guitar and depressed, stream-of-consciousness folk/blues songs remain at the core of his music... ‘Rain in Madison’ jumps out, a cracked blues-style story about... something (‘you know you can’t bring no electric devices out in the rain’). On ‘Van Ness Mission,’ he turns up the echo full blast for a disturbing ’delic journey that continues on ‘Anticipation’ like a free-style Tav Falco goin’ down slow. ‘Nancy Knows’ is an awkward but complex instrumental that clearly shows Jandek now moving his left hand around the neck of his guitar in a way very foreign to his early open-strum approach. I wonder if the tune is named for the same Nancy who sang on chair beside a window back in ’82. ‘Take My Will’ is more early blues, Jandek-style... He pulls out his harmonica for a little dylan-squeal accompaniment on ‘Plenty’. The cycles of nature are not often rapid; listen as one of nature’s strangest wonders continues to slowly ‘progress.’”

1 Bitter Tale 2:25
2 Hey Mister Can You Tell Me 3:33
3 Ezekiel 2:49
4 Moon Dance 2:22
5 Flowers On My Shirt 2:36
6 Morning Drum 2:58
7 Down Clown 2:45
8 Rain In Madison 2:19
9 Van Ness Mission 3:03
10 Anticipation 3:12
11 Nancy Knows 3:10
12 Take My Will 4:03
13 Plenty 2:00

14 What 3:06

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