Friday, 27 July 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Hackney Musicians Collective" (self-released ‎– LP 1) 1981

Another London Borough with a compilation was Hackney,which straddles the boundaries between the east end and the north of the UK Capital. I suppose its been gentrified nowadays, but back in the 1980's, it was rough as old arseholes, and a breeding ground for alternative musicians.
All the groups on this record could easily have been the same band, which is great for continuity, but not great for those with eclectic tastes;but who wants to appeal to them anyway?. Every one of these aspiring also-rans could have had their very own John Peel session, or a minor hit in the alternative charts.
Its a kind of 'perfect' music for my genetic sequence, which was mutated by this sound when i was a teenager,and of course what you hear during the five year period between 13 to 18, sticks.
It's all very post-punk peel band,but a very high quality of post punk peel band.
Sometimes London based bands were far too cool for skool.


A1 –Pretty Graves - T.V. Fix
A2 –The Managing Directors - Wimp Song
A3 –Nerves - Dangerous Kitchen
A4 –Lazy Lizards - Lost In The Street
A5 –Vozhd - The Moon In Hackney
A6 –N.16 - Too Late
B1 –Ivory Coasters - Bullshit
B2 –Oxy & The Morons - Vandals
B3 –The Alternative Sloane Rangers - (no title)
B4 –Fladge 200 - Macho Man
B5 –International Rescue - Your Special Friend
B6 –Badges - Who Made Me?


Anonymous said...

There's still plenty of social misfits to be found in Hackney, both dead and alive.

Anonymous said...

I think all dead peeople are social misfits - it's like they don't even try to join in.

Never been to Hackney, probably never will, gentrified or otherwise. Great to have a chance listen to the music though.