Monday, 2 July 2018

Jandek ‎– "New Town" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0765) 1998

'Monday Monday'.....the Mamas and Papas sang in the swinging sixties....well,swinging has different connotations in the 21st century, so here's an antidote to that flowery harmony group of incestuous Hippies.....Its Jandek Monday Monday.
The famous drum kit pictured on the sleeve does actually make an appearence on the tenth track, "Time Will Come", like its being played by a toddler with ADHD. The rest is just voice and ,largely, plucked guitar, as if played by the same toddler, but on a heavy dose of Mogadon.
You know those Sun Ra organ solo's, where it sounds like he was just moving his fingers on the keyboard, and it turned out that he had actually notated it all and written it down? Well, Jandek isn't doing the same on the Guitar. He really is making it up in real ,slow motion,time,and probably, really IS falling asleep into a sedative induced stupor.Barely in control of his limbs as his fingers bounce ofF the detuned strings. A kind of automatic music, channeling a long dead mental patients music therapy class from beyond the crematorium.We've heard of the 'Chemical Cosh', well, here we have a musical cosh to remove all reason for living.
Don't mess with the after life kids, or you could be meeting the wrong demons at the crossroads. For every Robert Johnson theres a thousand Jandeks receiving buggar-all from Lucifer in return for their souls........yeah yeah I know......there's loads of Robert Johnsons and only ONE Jandek.But, for every Jandek there's a million Eric that truly is a terrifying gift from hell, and another reason why we are almost certainly,already living in a Hell of our own making! Jandek is just reflecting that back at thanks Jandek!??


1 New Town 4:14
2 Steal Away Home 4:31
3 Street Walk 3:45
4 You Standing There 3:27
5 Desert Voice 4:36
6 Let Me Hear The Words You Say 3:24
7 The Real You 2:27
8 It Would Only Be Action 4:10
9 Look At It 3:36
10 Time Will Come 2:50
11 What You Are

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heavyladen said...

There's a certain almost melodic sound he captures on here and his next album The Beginning. Really like this period.