Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Thought Criminals ‎– "Chrono-Logical (1978-81)" (Doublethink ‎– DT1984) 2005

Staying in Sydney, We have the creators of one of thee DIY outsider Punk anthems, namely, "I Won't Pay (For Punk Records)" by the Thought Criminals.
They cleverly noticed that to provide a product to buy seemed to contradict the whole message that Punk rock put forward. Naturally they suggest that we 'punks' should boycott any product that should appear in traditional channels.
I was aware of their first two classic DIY singles, but one had no idea that they recorded skip loads of material.
They looked quite good too...:

LP 1
I Won't Pay (for Punk Records)
More Suicides Please
Hilton Bomber
Fuck The Neighbours
Cut Out Man
So All The Superheroes
The Innocent
Winston Smith
Lonely Ones
Stolen Air
The Orphan 

LP 2
We Promise You
OK 767
Edge Of Time
My Mind Ain't So Open
Land Of The Living Room
Victims Of Today
Sound Of Changing Places
Take Another Look
La Mer (Live)


Anonymous said...

Any chance you could post The Barons - "greatest hits" EP and/or The Undertakers - "This Is Space" from the Doublethink catalog?
Cheers, M.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I have the Barons, but no undertakers:

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I have some of the catalog on vinyl, but for a long time have been trying to put together a full set (DDT 7"s) ripped from vinyl with similar sound quality. If you're missing/interested in any let me know.
Cheers, Mark