Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Sinyx ‎– "Britain Is A Mausoleum" (Grand Theft Audio ‎– GTA 065) 2005

After the kids had read all the Tabloids in 1976/7, some of the less intelligent ones absorbed the standard line and became Yobs with guitars,with an agressive thug on shouty vocals. The ones who were just making up the numbers with nothing special about them whatsoever.
Southend's Sinyx were a great example of this plague upon our shores.
They were around for around six years from 79-85, managed one ep, and an appearance on 'Bullshit Detector 1' ,despite having very little of the Anarcho-Punk about them. The hooligan lead singer evolved into a standard Skinhead, as befittin the sad decent of street punk into the new standarised territiry of 'Oi'.
All their Demo's and  solitary EP, were collected onto one CD released in the USA in 2005...and here it if you like your punk wearing boots,leather jackets with studs on, and made by football hooligans, then this is for you. A nostalgia trip back to when some people carried it all on as if they had never really listened to any actual punk records,but just read about it in The Daily Mirror.
Don't wanna be Sinycal(sic)but....'Punks Not Dead' said the Exploited......yes it fucking was,and stuff like this were the nails in its coffin.

7" Black Death EP (1981)
1 Death To Decadence
2 The Plague
3 Animal
4 Zulu
1st Demo (3-1-1980)
5 9.2.5. Auschwitz
6 Bullwood Hall
7 Bombs For Mental Health
8 Camouflage
9 Britain Is A Mausoleum
10 Automaton
2nd Demo (9-6-1980)
11 Death To Decadence
12 Animal
13 Suicide
14 Britain Is A Mausoleum
3rd Demo (1985)
15 Deathmonger
16 The Plague
17 Bullwood Hall
18 David's Star Is Flying High
19 Blasphemer
20 Alienation
21 Kiss Of Death
22 Animal
Live At Action Space (9-19-1980)
23 Death To Decadence
24 9.2.5. Auschwitz
25 Camouflage
26 Bombs For Mental Health
27 Bullwood Hall
28 Automaton
29 Mark For The Beast



The Sinyx rule the proved punk was not dead I know you'll say other wise but that's ok but also the singer was only a skinhead in the beginning

Jonny Zchivago said...

This stuff is the sound of 'Stupid'. From a small ghetto of booted up identikit so-called 'punx'.the only thing dangerous about this generic rubbish is the yob-ism.


say's you I don't agree I love this stuff

Jonny Zchivago said...

I bet you do.

Nihil Yung said...

Why you always got to be a cunt about it all Jonny No Love? This was one I had built up to me for a bit before finally grabbing a hold of this here GTA release on CD. It was heralded by none other than the Peni bass player so my imagination grew a bit beyond and I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed in the end. I still like it enough but well you're likely as close as you are far or whatever. Nobody likes to have dream child's mongoloid head bashed in. Anyways I'm a bit surprised as I thought you were a futbol hooligan yourself, no? Also bald or am I thinking of your nuts again? Okay do what you can with that. I'm going to download this anyways and pretend I always had it. Ripped from CD personally. Eat your farts out. Okay that was stupid. Seems about right then honestly. ☻

Jonny Zchivago said...

You're a bit of a Twat aren't you Nihil, are should I say, Andy?????....this is one shit group.