Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Stupid Humans ‎– "Demo Jan 80" (Bluurg Tapes ‎– BLUURG 12) 1981

As I said before, The Mental's Dick Lucas, joined the majority of The Stupid Humans to form Anarcho-Punk legends The Subhumans...who are still banging 'em out today!
The Stupid Humans are representative of the different directions punk rockers went in, post-pistols. The Johnny Rottens dumped all the three chord thrash and adolescent politics, whereas the Sid Vicious's reduced it all to one song repeated over and over again and a leather Jacket.Either a classic example of reductionism or just plain stoopid?
Anarcho-Punk was kind of a bastard child of the Rottens and The Vicious's, using a distorted version of the more intelligent politics of Rotten/Maclaren but maintaining the musical corner that hardcore punk had painted themselves in. Literally every  song is exactly the same is it not?
All the lyrics repeat the same obvious stuff over and over again. But at least they didn't become The Exploited?
A few of the songs on this demo have an acc-sid-ental surreal quality 37 years later ('Try' could easily be the backing track to a Sleaford Mods Track?),but back then it was what the throng were into instead of 'Grime' today one supposes? A Very similar dead end, both musically and style-wise.


A1 Society
A2 Get Out Of My Way
A3 Ashtray Dirt
A4 Try
A5 Killing
A6 All Gone Dead
A7 New Age
A8 Why D' You Wanna Fight?
A9 Sid
A10 First Aid
A11 The Fuzz

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