Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Subhumans ‎– "Demolition War Parts I-III" (Bluurg Tapes ‎– BLUURG 7) 1981

Straight outta the pastoral countryside of darkest Wiltshire,where life is jolly difficult, came The Subhumans. They were angry about War, Animal Rights, and Politicians. Fair enough, but after twenty -odd songs about these subjects one ends up craving for a bloody Love Song.
At least a quieter moment,or some space.
Sound wise they inhabit that hinterland between Zounds and Crass.Fuzzier than Zounds, but more melodic than Crass.
I Like some of the song titles anyway, like "It's Gonna Get Worse" and it's not ironic that "Mickey Mouse is Dead" preceeds a peon to "Sid".Yes that 'Sid, the one whose face launched a thousand leather Jackets.


A1 All Gone Dead
A2 Germ
A3 Zyklon-B-Movie
A4 Big Brother
A5 Human Error
A6 Parasites
A7 It's Gonna Get Worse
A8 Drugs Of Youth
A9 So Much Money
A10 New Age
A11 First Aid
A12 Animal
A13 Nothing I Can Do
A14 Killing
A15 Trowbridge Park
B1 Animal
B2 Society
B3 Minority
B4 Mickey Mouse Is Dead
B5 Sid
B6 Peroxide
B7 New Age
B8 Song No. 35
B9 Pisshead


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