Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Die Trip Computer Die - "Flowerball" (Self- Released Cd-r) 2000

Yet another unreleased samplerdelic musique concrete underground classic from Whelton and the lads.Up to their usual standards of 'out-there-ness'.Its so obscure i'm not sure the band know of its existence. Therfore it qualifies under the famed N.Senada's (see 'Not Available' by The Residents) 'Theory of Obscurity' dogma as now releasable.


01 System of the Tortured
02 Gestations
03 A Bad Idea
04 In Bed With 1000 Priests
05 Seductive Song of War
06 Messrs Smirkett & Bloat
07 Fink Drummer
08 Chief-Inspector Kickback
09 Contains Psychological
10 Goodbye Again
11 Every 'Why' Is A 'How'
12 The Naked Statue
13 Roll, Frankie Roll
14 A Short Film About Gas
15 Flowerball

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Anonymous said...

There can't be many artists on this blog who've lowered themselves to play at the Purcell Room (!):