Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Youth Hostel - "Tract House Leper Colony" (Master Bedroom Music) 1984

I know nothing about this obscure American experimental rock combo,but they're the kind of  experimental rock combo that America produces with relative ease.They'd have been well at home on one of those mid-western labels like Touch and Go, and doing short tours supporting The Jesus Lizard.So here we are, a DIY home recorded C-30 of an American experimental rock combo for y'all;entertainment,John Q.Public,for the use of.

Track Listing:

14 Leper colony reprise                   3:11

DOWNLOAD your very own musical lepers HERE!

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rev.b said...

I figured if ANYONE out there had heard of these people, it’d be you Johnny! Funny, I thought they were English since the one vocal I remember was over a little Casio keyboard and rhythm, had a British accent and was going on about what, if any, intrinsic value music possessed. Ah, those were the days… Don’t know if that’s on this tape, but looking forward all the same. Many thanks. If you have any more, feel free.