Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Roberta Eklund ‎– "Go Tell It On The Mountain" (Eklund cassettes) 1984

Right....get a loada these notes from the insert of this tape:

"The cover illustration is a graphic representation of the anal stage. Notice the two hills representing the buttocks, respectively. Also, the placement of the mountain, a double meaning, either the feces or a penis. This could be interpreted as "loss of self" or the "completion of self"."  (!)

Is this this high quality Irony or turgidly pompous Bollocks?

Now we know what the cover means, because we're obviously too dumb to work it out for ourselves. I don't know about it being interpreted as "Loss of self"? i would interpret it as "patronisingly pretentious" myself. It makes Patti Smith  seem in touch with the street.
Doubtlessly, Ms. Eklund would have loved to have been a part of the NYC SoHo art glitterati, but more likely came from the Boise Idaho art set.Which is in some way, kinda preferable?
Toe curling pretentiousness aside,(Never explain your 'art',rule number one), the spoken word collages are great,but lofty, Philip Glass inspired minimalism. Love it...a lot.


A1 Consumer
A2 Mate
A3 Some Days
B1 Manifesto
B2 Ha-Ha

Also included in the download is Eklund's other,not so good, tape from the following year,where she tries to actually be Philip Glass. Still pleasant enough repetitive,and largely wordless, minimal keyboard compositions.It could have been written by a student of modern composition in some east coast university around 1985.....mmmm the same year as this cassette!?
Roberta Eklund ‎– "The Process Of Recognition"

A1 Running 13:00
A2 Bedtime 10:16
B1 Fear Of Intimacy 7:03
B2 Murmurs 7:18
B3 That Sound Can Be Easily Explained 2:22
B4 Scarlet Park 7:03
DOWNLOAD a representation of the anal stage,click HERE and the file will appear like a binary turd from between two digital buttocks!


Anonymous said...

greetings mr zchivago,

this is an incredible upload, i thank you dearly for this and would like to ask if you know anything about the group "Bright Too Late" that roberta was allegedly part of.

anonymous admirer

Holly said...

Thank you, Jonny! Nice upgrade to my old rip :-)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Maybe you have some Bright Too Late tapes Holly?

Hal McGee said...

People interested in Roberta Eklund will like these videos from 1983 of Roberta Eklund's group Bright Too Late -