Monday, 5 January 2015

The Door and the Window - "Squeakybop Jugband" (Conventional Tapes) 1983

Well, it has to be The Door and the Window time again,surely? One of the godparents of UK DIY,who's name is synonymous with everything DIY in the UK from the end of punk rock into the 1980's.
You've got it all here, improvisation, faux-naivety, actual naivety, child like musical ability, shit-fi recording, almost total lack of ambition, a sense of humour,and that essential Picasso angle on pop music. Featuring the core members Bendle and Nag, with appearences from Protag (RIP) in various guises, and several other affiliate members. This is as far away from Meat Loaf as you can imagine......but then of course you are familiar with the works of TDATW?.......if not why the fuck not?......Change this immeadiately.....they're "better than Jesus" (quote from "We're Better Than...." just,in case you wanna start burning something).

PS..thanks be to Nigel Bendle for donating this tape.(Yes he's a close relative of the other Bendle.)Check out his website:

Track Listing:

1 We are the people
2 Lionel the tramp
3 Riff
4 Lionel the metaphor
5 Red sash
6 Cars bang
7 4/4 Car
8 Everything is falling apart
9 Green Blob
10 Boys/Girls/Wineglass
11 The architect
12 We're better than......
13 Hope Resides
14 we are the people too

DOWNLOAD the squeakybop 320k  mp3 files HERE!


bill said...

They are better than lots of things. Thanks especially for the funky Green Blob.

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Dealnity said...

Fantastic post - Great explainations and thinking.I'm looking forward to what you have for us next..!