Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Gen Ken Montgomery ‎– "Beatmusik" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 186) 1988

Another music format that didn't produce many protagonists in the US of A is yer minimal synth. What you generally got was an electronic version of Punk, like The Screamers,or a twisted version of the R'n'R myth,like the fantastic Suicide; but no cold basslines and minimal electronic noises,set to a simple drum box beat,with a emotionless singer atop. This was the preserve of northern European countries, such as Belgium.
I don't think it resonated with the American psyche. It didn't 'Rock',and was generally negative sounding and claustrophobic.One hope was the most european place in the US....ie New York.Which is where Ken Montgomery ran his record store in the east village called "Generator"......Hence the name Gen Ken! It all makes sense now.
Remarkably, he made some supremely minimal electronic music from as early as 1981,which this Sound of Pig retrospective cassette collects together for us to do android dances to when no-ones looking.......but they always are looking, so don't do it.Dignity is worth more than fun,don't you know that?


Songs 81-84
A1 Skip A Beat
A2 Rest
A3 A Little Okay
A4 Countdown Time
A5 Stars & Space
A6 Man From Mars
A7 The Axe Grinds Down
A8 Small Worlds
A9 Elecktro Messer
A10 Innocence

Fashion Moda Radio Mix
B Fashion Moda Radio Mix(originally mixed for Isaac Jackson
WBAI NYC 1984)

DOWNLOAD some musik you can't beat HERE!


bill said...

Nice! Not claustrophobic as you say. Not angsty either. New York cool. V. nice.

Pawel said...

Do you maybe have Gen Ken album "Greatest Hits" from 1986 on De fabriek?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry,no greatest hits.Got: "Endogeny" "Drilling Holes In the Wall","Ice Breaker" "Gen Ken's Fridge" any of these interest you?

Holly said...

Thanks for this, Jonny!

@Pawel - GK's greatest hits lp is readily availbale on soulseek. I'd upload for you but my external drive is in hospice care ;-)

Anonymous said...


Are you sure you put all tracks? Missing are tracka number 10 (Innocence) and number 4 "Countdown".

Jonny Zchivago said...

hi, its highly possible that I may have missed a couple of tracks.I will check in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Do you have any more from him?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, i've got one called "collaborations" where Ken...er...collaborates with various minor stars of the underground.