Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hent Petty Glock ‎– "Pent Hetty Gloch" ( E.T.C. ‎– E.T.C. 003) 1984

By any other name this is The Casual Labourers (redux),as it opens with The Casual Labourers' recording of "A Lapse is Due",and a few other tunes credited to them,and Bendle;there's even a Door and the Window tune. A Bendle supergroup? Classic anti-commercial name change made sure this wasn't gonna earn a gold record from E.T.C. records,in fact one isn't too sure which spelling on the insert is the band and which is the title of the album. Sound wise,its a fairly expected mixture of The Door and the Window,Casual Labourers, and the 49 Americans......and a whole lot of Bendle. Do not file under Rock!


A1 A Lapse Is Due
A2 Waiting For A Certain Set Of Rules
A3 Stepping Out Of Worry Town
A4 Narziss + Goldmund
A5 Jack Bishop Imitators
A6a Skips
A6b Feeding The Cat
A6c More Glock (Wedding)
B1 Badger + Squirrel
B2 What Will They Do To The Isle Of Dogs?
B3 Several Painted Pages From My Analytical Journal

DOWNLOAD some digitized glock HERE!

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