Sunday, 18 January 2015

Various Artists ‎– "Cabbage 4" (Cauchy Productions) 1986

Another from the Cabbage series of compilations, containing the usual mixture of Minimal Synth,Industrial,post-punk hybrids and sub genres. Starting off with a bona-fide classic of Minimal Wave from Unovidual and Tara Cross which you can do a robot dance to and imagine you're 'Hip'. There's a couple of enjoyable Fall-alike facsimiles, a muffled bedroom poet called L.d.50,and some decent US Industrial from Smersh. All this among much more anything goes experimental pop forms,framed by the odd bit of New York sub-glass inspired minimalism from Roberta Eklund and high brow chums. Not a bad track on it,and should appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike; full of essential experimental music fatty acids,and the stuff vegetarians don't get in their diets.Eat your cabbage.


A1 Unovidual & Tara Cross Like I Am / Comme Je Suis
A2 Psychological Warfare Branch, The Six Pack Musak
A3 Bondage Boys & The Beast Plastic
A4 Friendly And The Southern Comfort Style She Was So Pretty
A5 L. D. 50 Sten Guns In Aldershot
A6 Luca Miti Plouton (Prologos-Parados)
A7 Twilight Ritual Tears On The Wall
A8 Smersh Hollow Promises
A9 Man's Hate President Botha Kills Children As Well
A10 Temporal Pain Waves Hit
B1 Dissolutio Humani Generis Spettri
B2 Sekte Der Schlammfische Schicksal Der Ironie
B3 Psychological Warfare Branch, The Arbeit Macht Frei
B4 Tara Cross No More Drugs
B5 Roberta Eklund & Jane Arfinson & Todd Kennedy And Again
B6 Bogart Sound Of Thrown Scum 1
B7 Temporal Pain Baptist Girls
B8 Swinebolt 45 The Ever Developing Ordeal

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TheMouldyMuffin said...

Hey Johnny,

A long term lover of this blog, it's completely changed the way I listen to music and what i listen to. Only days ago I received by first ever cassette, Plain Wrap Purgatory by Minoy. I was hoping you could tell me, if at all possible, where I can get hold of this cassette, Cabbage IV, and also, if possible, Solid Space Space Museum.