Monday, 12 January 2015

The Casual Labourers - " at The Africa Centre" (1981?)

The Casual Labourers in the raw at the Africa Centre WC2,despite opening track "Empty-Nanana Radio" being a type of squatland ethnic;there ain't much of Africa on show at this gig......especially taking into account the other two acts on the bill,are even more 'white' than the CL's.
A point of interest for all budding Thespians out there is the Tim listed on the insert is none other than Tim "Made in Britain and Pulp Fiction" Roth. A Hollywood star played with The Casual Labourers?
Bendle helpfully,fills us in on Roth Anecdotal info:

"Tim Roth was a friend of my girlfriend at the time, Susi. I went with her to see him in an amateur production of Othello​, and we got on well. In his brief role in the CasLabs lineup he played trumpet, and perhaps as a preview of future roles, cast himself as the baddie thug in my song Rugby - so that's him shouting "we will hang you naked in the snow". (This is what some real life rugby players intended to do to me for being "weird")." 

01 - Empty-Nanana Radio
02 - Narziss And Goldmund
03 - Mister Vladimerski
04 - Rugby
05 - In The Pool Again
06 - Talking
07 - Take It
08 - Eanna
09 - End Improv

DOWNLOAD from the center of africa HERE!

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