Monday, 19 January 2015

Various Artists ‎– "Flanders' Tape-Ology - A Compilation Of Home-Tapes" (The Cassette Factory ‎– TCF 001) 1983

A virtual manual as to how to do it yourself for the home tapers of the Benelux countries,the spiritual homeland of Minimal Synth duo's. So, predictably there are plenty of Minimal electronic tunes on board,mixed in with bizarre post-punk derivatives.Some of the vocals are delivered with such perfect English accents that it could have been made in any small town in the UK.....I may be wrong,they might even be imported Brits,but I doubt it.
Included with the cassette was a booklet with instructions on how to make your own tape....Tape-ology.A Desperate Bicycles/Scritti pollitti style call to arms for the cassette underground in Flanders,and beyond.


A1 The Misz Only Lunies Fall 4:12
A2 Single Handed The Morning Carrousel 4:25
A3 –The Int Be Loose, Be Strained 2:33
A4 King Koen In A Funky Saloon 2:44
A5 Mastic The Judgement 3:19
A6 J.R. Smets Untitled 2:08
A7 Fred Veranda And His Inferior Orchestra The Idealist 3:31
A8 Magthea Song For The Rosenbergs 3:45
A9 O.B. Minimax The Peeping Tom 2:58
B1 J. Blond My Baby Took Her Pictures Back Home 3:03
B2 O Veux Beneath Shallow Graves 5:35
B3 Experto Credo Roberto Houden Van... 3:50
B4 Folle Coche Mr Brown 1:48
B5 Absolute Body Control Live At Sfinx 4:29
B6 Maniacs He Hates To 4:59
B7 Autonoom Leger I Walsje 5:46

DOWNLOAD flanders download-ology HERE!

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