Monday, 26 January 2015

Andi Arroganti ‎– "Benzin In Berlin" (Wartungsfrei ‎– wf009) 1982

One of those pale young men from Duotronic Synterror was Andi (with an 'I') Arroganti (with another 'I'); the one who made the music in the aforementioned Minimal Synth Duo from former West Germany. On this solo tape he has discarded with the unnecessary services of Herr R. Sex and does the barking himself . Never thought I'd say this, but I definitely don't miss sex, as Andi does it solo......don't we all? Its every bit as good as it was with Petra Schürmann. Pumping rhythms, hand played organs (Yes I know they're Synth's....just bare with me will you?!) and heavy breathing........quick, efficient,minimal satisfaction,without post coital awkwardness.


A1 Asphalt Im Kaffee
A2 Warten Auf Die Stasis
A3 Hom-O-Hetero
A4 Alle Leute Fallen Um
A5 Benzin In Berlin
A6 Evolution Kann Lustig Sein
A7 Detonation 82
A8 Tarzan In New York
A9 Schöne Neue Liebe
B Kaffeehausmusik

DOWNLOAD  some quick efficient satisfaction HERE!


slacker said...

Will have a listen later, how bad could an album with a Citroen CX on the cover be?

Nikos said...

Thank u so much, gonna enjoy this in Ber.. DUBLIN!