Sunday, 18 January 2015

Various Artists ‎– "Cabbage Part 1" (Cauchy Productions) 1985

Rather marvellous Belgian mid-eighties compilation of mostly minimal electronica,with splashes of industrial,and the odd punk rock number. I have nothing to add on the subject of Cabbages,except maybe that they are a good source of roughage to keep one regular.(when did we start referring to roughage as 'Fibre'? And why?......another cynical marketing ploy to get the population to buy nutrition free cereals I wager!).


A1 Mark Hanley Rain Song
A2 Vita Noctis On A Day Like This
A3 X-Ray Pop Mama
A4 Palais Des Bauzards Going Under
A5 Unovidual Wardance Dub
A6 Matthew Sommerville 3000 Welds
A7 S.O.D. Tank Realistiskt
A8 Absolute Body Control Me And My Desire
A9 Zanoisect Exploded Cabbage Brain
B1 No Unauthorized Brain Cabbage Surgery
B2 Pascal Massun Silent Thoughts
B3 The Misz Het Is Geen Werk
B4 Vita Noctis Execution
B5 Magthea & Unovidual Cold Shadows
B6 Inflammable Liquid Teenage Wildlife
B7 De Fabriek Chibomptrompia
B8 Narzisse But That's For Later

DOWNLOAD this healthy vegetable HERE!


the saucer people said...

I think I first got a rip of this from those nice Crispy Nuggets people a while back - anyway, I noticed you had posted Vol 1 and 4 so when I saw Vol 2 posted by those nice Spaniards over at Wet erm... Spots, I thought, judging from the huge response this got (maybe people were so overwhelmed with its greatness they forgot to comment) someone in the distant future may be interested in Vol 2:

As you can imagine, it is very very good (and they also posted the two volumes you posted in FLAC)... you probably know all this, but just in case someone stumbles across this post, they will be pleased to know that only the elusive Vol 3 has yet to be ripped and posted in any form on the interweb as far as I can tell.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I didn't know Wet Spots did Vol 4 as well, and in FLAC?....don't do FLAC myself,the files are just too massive.
Vol 3 would be good to find. i suspect Wet Crotch will be posting that next?
I await with baited breath.

Also, it has been brought to my attention that Frank of VOD really doesn't like me very much....check this out:

What a laugh?