Sunday, 25 January 2015

Duotronic Synterror ‎– "Das Vermächtnis Der Petra Schürmann" (Wartungsfrei ‎– wf006) 1982

This minimal electronic duo could only come from Germany. They sound like a ecomony brand DAF,sing in German,and have been seen with their shirts off on an album cover. Two pale sickly youths called Andi Arroganti and someone was called R Sex(is he alluding to arse sex?!).Dunno whats going on there,but they must have been rare examples of Germans with a sense of humour? They didn't have DAF's oiled up muscular torso's, but they could churn out some pumping proto-EBM after they got home from stacking supermarket(probably ALDI's) shelves of an evening.
As featured on the excellent German cassette underground compilations;"Kassettentäter - Deutscher-Kassetten-Untergrund" (1979-1983) Vol 1 and Vol 2.


A1 190 Stunden
A2 Wohnungsnot
A3 Zerstör Die Welt
A4 Wer Ist Petra Schürmann?
A5 Phantasie
B1 Wo Ist Geld?
B2 Wir Tun Den Rock
B3 Trümmertanz
B4 Liebe Geht Durch Den Magen
B5 Schmerz
B6 Senil
B7 F

DOWNLOAD to find Petra Schürmann HERE!


Michael said...

Ahhh, great Tape. A sadly very underrated band.
Here´s another of their 2 or 3(?!?) tapes on the other great blog on the net:
R. Sex stands for Rainer Sex which is pronounced as reiner Sex (pure sex)in German.
Petra Schürmann was a well known German TV announcer in the 80s.
The great label WSDP aka "Was soll das?Schallplatten" released a very very ltd. LP compiling tracks from the tapes and maybe some unreleased(?!?)"Sei still!" can be found on youtube.I think it´missing on either of the 2 tapes.
Has anyone the LP "Zerstoer Die Welt" for sale or download?

Thank you Johnny !

Michael said...

Me again:
In fact they released 3 tapes:

"Das Vermächtnis der Petra Schürmann" (1982, Wartungsfrei)

"Pech & Schwefel" (1982, Wartungsfrei)

"Juni" (1983, Wartungsfrei)

Has anyone the 3rd one?

Unknown said...

JUNI on wantlist, yes and no, still searchin'

cheers fellow music peeps


Klaus said...

Thank you for everything! This blog is everything I've ever wanted.