Friday, 16 January 2015

Bendle / Dustdevil and Crow - "Discography" (2008-2013)

  1. jesus
  2. accidental music
    dustdevil & crow
  3. ...and chuang tzu dreamed that he was me
    dustdevil & crow
  4. while speaking softly you can hear the insects sing
    dustdevil & crow
  5. while walking slowly you can see the grasses grow
    dustdevil & crow
  6. tattered tongues 

  7. Well,as we have been posting all thing Bendle related for the last week or so,its only fitting to remind y'all that the great man is still at it today,mainly with the Experimental ambient metal Neo-folk psych digital doo wop drone hybrid combo, Dustdevil and Crow.
  8. So, pop along ,via the approved links above to the relevant Bandcamp page and download his complete oeuvre,for any price you care to volunteer,including nought pounds. I'm sure he's worth donating few quid to after all these years of hovering under the radar of the counter culture?
  9. BENDLES BANDCAMP LINK  where you'll find even more stuff.


bill said...

Digging the digeridoo, if that's what it is, and how ever the darned thing is spelled. V. nice. :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

The humble digeridoo can now be rescued from the evil shadow of sex offender Rolf Harris and from the hands of the dreadlocked trust fund hippie. merci Bendle.