Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Twelve Cubic Feet ‎– "Straight Out The Fridge" (Namedrop Records ‎– NR2) 1982

After featuring The Casual Labourers gig at the Africa Centre, one thought you should hear the other bands on the bill; The Lemon Kittens you can hear HERE.
So that leaves Twelve Cubic Feet; so here's their debut 10" ep on the near perfect Namedrop records; home of Doof and Philip Johnson (who's namedrop release, "Youth In Asia" has been reissued recently,check it out here).

"Paul Platypus(Doof/Reflections), Andrew and Matthew joined Fred, Sally and Glenna to form 12 Cubic Feet, who recorded the second 10" LP on Name-drop Records –with "Evercare". After this and a cassette they fell in with Alan McGee's Creation / Communication Club crowd, and met Dave Evans [Biff Bang Pow] who replaced Matthew on bass. The late Duncan Jack [What is Oil?] replaced Glenna on guitar, Dave Morgan [Take It, The Loft+++] came in on drums... and 12CF cut a final Joe Foster-produced demo. Plans for a new band foundered, and Paul checked into a commune (temporarily); Fred went to university, Dave M got famous, Dave E became a roadie for Jesus & Mary Chain, Shop Assistants and later, Belly; Sally sang in Khmer Rouge, and Matthew and Dan formed Solid Space... Got that?" (info from hyped2death)

Classic proto-indie wimp pop ,with scratchy guitars Joe Meek monophonic organs,and lazy weak vocals. All this and seven catchy tunes that you can dance in an Indie Disco stylee to.


A1 Blob
A2 Evercare
A3 The Almshouse
B1 Mary's Got The Bug
B2 Escaping Again
B3 Hello Howard
B4 Tuesday Afternoon

DOWNLOAD straight from the fridge HERE!

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