Thursday, 15 January 2015

The 49 Americans ‎– "E Pluribus Unum" (Choo Choo Train Records ‎– CHUG 1) 1980

DIY, Avant garde underground,post punk sooper groop, the 49 Americans consisted of 1 american and at least 48 collaborators of UK origin(some of whom apparently never met each other!). A 'Pop' version of Gavin Bryars Portsmouth Symphonia,where largely every member plays an instrument he/she isn't too comfortable with,frequently swapping around after each twee tune. At least one member ,David Toop, was in both collectives.

There is a bizarre 'prog' influence ,with a UK DIY version of a Rick Wakeman prog opera on side two, complete with Knights of old,and jesters. DIY's only concept album,and one of thee definitive records of DIY culture.

(apparently this has been reissued with bonus tracks)


A1 Beat Up Russians
A2 That Man
A3 Involved In Local Chaos
A4 Doubt
A5 Edible
A6 Should Be More Ideal
A7 All The Fun
A8 Sounds Like Ska
A9 Architecture Stops
A10 Don't Sing The Blues
A11 Heritage
A12 Pledge Of Allegiance

The Musical
B1 Overture
B2 Song Of The Peasants (Chief Peasant)
B3 Tralala (Eldest Prince)
B4 Dragon Eating Peasants Instr.
B5 I Don't Want (Royal Children)
B6 Let Yourself Go (Impulsive Knight)
B7 Digestion Instr.
B8 Fairy Tale (King)
B9 What You Need (Equipped Knight)
B10 Digestion Instr.
B11 Intellectual Yodel (Theoretical Knight)
B12Pain In The Belly (Friendly Knight)
B13 Digestion Instr.
B14 Ha Ha Ha (Jester)
B15 Aye, There's The Battle (Dreamy Knight)
B16 Digestion Instr.
B17 Yodel Again (Theoretical Knight)
B18 Digestion Instr.
B19 Fairy Tale (Reprise) (King)
B20 Contradictions - The Finale (Jester)

DOWNLOAD to become the fiftieth american HERE!

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jonder said...

Thank you for sharing this! I just discovered The 49 Americans as I was poking around on Discogs. David Toop, Steve Beresford and Lol Coxhill were part of the free jazz scene but were also playing with Viv Albertine and Vivien Goldman as part of the 49 Americans, as well as the On-U Sound crew (with Playgroup, The Circuit, and others). It's a fascinating time period when so many people were collaborating from different scenes -- post-punk, free jazz, DIY, and the outer reaches of dub. Thanks again.