Saturday, 13 September 2014

Charles Hayward ‎– "Survive The Gesture" (Ink Records ‎– INK 31) 1987

Charles Hayward,drummer and voice of This Heat and Camberwell Now, makes solo album that sounds not unlike his previous groups,except Quiet Sun of course! Mainly because they were built around his idiosyncratic drumming style,his identifiable vocals,unless you mistake him for a more in yer face Robert Wyatt, and his unimpeachable politics.
I especially like the damning critique of humanity of the first track “Make Believe”,which is full of profound couplets concerning the short sighted stupidity of human 'progress'; a “We're Burning our houses to keep ourselves warm”, kind of thing.
The rest of the album keeps on with the same style, a minimalist This Heat with everyone except Charles Hayward faded out kind of sound. All that’s left are the drums and the voice,with a few accompanying keyboards,and the odd session bassist joining in,in an understated way naturally.
I've heard a few Charles Hayward LP's,and this is the best one in my humbles.

Tracklist :
A1 Make Believe 4:31
A2 Lets Pretend 3:01 
A3 North Southwark 3:18
A4 Pretend To Believe 3:43
A5 Crystal Palace 7:38
B1 This Misunderstanding 2:44
B2 You And Me 3:37
B3 Time And Motion 3:18
B4 That Distant Light 4:19
B5 Australia 4:45 


Anonymous said...

thank you for all This Heat stuff you have filled-in a lot of gaps here. Oakland CA

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers, unfortunately I have now ran out of This Heat related stuff, just the not so good Bullen project "Lifetones" to come.