Sunday, 7 September 2014

This Heat - "Live in Amsterdam 1982"

The last of this all too short spurt of Live Heat has probably the highest recording quality, and is not too far off being the best performance also. I don't reckon this is the complete gig,but it makes for an entertaining experience,and is the closest we have here of what a This Heat gig sounded like.
Regrettably, from around the end of the bands lifespan,as Gareth Williams had left to study some Indian music theory bullshit;which left the remaining band members no choice but to curtail this special groups existence. The roots of Camberwell Now had already begun by the time This Heat got to Amsterdam in 1982.

Track Listing: 

01 Greenfingers
02 Working Nights
03 Improvisation
04 Makeshift Swahili
05 Twilight Furniture
06 Music Escaping Like Gas


rz said...

ok. could this be the studio version of 'greenfingers' with some clapping pasted at the end? the recording sounds extra clean, the vocals don't have that 'live' quality/quiver. just compare to the ambiance of the other tracks. i'm just wondering. any thoughts? i know there are people out there who've heard the studio version (intendeed for a single release but scraped as the group folded). could this be it?
and, thanks for all the wonderful bootlegs!

Jonny Zchivago said...

When editing this tape. T don't remember thinking there was a difference between Greenfingers and the rest of the tracks....maybe i was concentrating on the wrong areas? I'll have to give this a re-listen wouldn't surprise me if you are correct in your deduction.

I do in fact have a couple more This Heat boots to edit.So they may appear before xmas. And that chap called scanner, reckoned he had an early Camberwell Now gig he recorded on a Sony Walkman Professional, that he was going to donate....still waiting for that one.