Thursday, 4 September 2014

This Heat - "Live in Nottingham, 19/05/1981".

A common This Heat gig Bootleg doing the rounds is one from Nottingham, north of Krefeld's twin city of Leicester (see live in Krefeld in the preceeding post). The hippie record seller cellar where I bought my This Heat/Residents/Recommended Records(The Very Bazaar),said he went to see This Heat in Nottingham, and I'm sure he said it was at the Boat Club! Apparently I am informed that this was recorded at a Tuxedo Moon gig in a Nottingham Gay Club? I was unaware that Tuxedo Moon ever played in Nottingham,and as a regular at this record shop, why was I not informed of this event? Maybe because I looked too frightening for these incense inhaling crusties,as I have always dressed as a charity shop skinhead. This didn't stop the same people getting me a ticket for the Residents mole show concert in my home town of Leicester!(only three mole shows in the uk and one was at Leicester polytechnic!?.....the gig was fucking boring anyway.....sooner have seen This Heat!)

Anyway, it doesn't matter where the gig was, it seems like a standard This Heat performance; despite the constant chatter you can hear over all the songs......probably Gay Trendies waiting for Tuxedo moon methinks. Philistines!!!?

Track Listing:

1 Horizontal Hold

2 Paper Hats/Aerial Photography

3 SPQR/triumph

4 Makeshift Swahili

5 A New Kind of Water

6 Twilight Furniture/Health and Efficiency.


António Mora said...


Anonymous said...

Nottm Whispers, a basement club, not a gay club as far as I can recall? The TM gig has been on Dime. Full story in the TM info file.
Please share this/these as a lossless Flac/s? Thanks for all, NW

ROOKSBY said...

There's something interesting anecdotal Nottingham club-stuff contained herein, including a mention of Whispers:

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'm working my way through all this Nott'num club stuff. Whispers was a gay club was it not? Shocked,but not surprised, to notice that Selectadisc has closed!

Anonymous said...

Gay or not, I was there for the bands & bands only the rest of them all can fuck off! This was our modus operandi. NW

Jonny Zchivago said...

A fine MO indeed mr Anon.

ROOKSBY said...

Yes, Selectadisc is long gone unfortunately, but Nottingham is currently home to The Music Exchange & the legendary Rob's Records, & Rough Trade will shortly be opening their 1st (British) store outside of London here too... which is summut to look forward to, I suppose? ;)

Apparently Clock DVA played at Whispers too, citation required, etc.

Anonymous said...

The anorak in me says Clock DVA, Nottingham Asylum, 27/05/1983.
Same place but now under a different name. NW.

Anonymous said...

Not only did Tuxedo Mood play at Whispers/The Asylum, they also did an afternoon workshop at Clarendon College in Nottingham. This Heat blew them away of course.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Of course This Heat blew TM away. Not too impressed by the Tux's early records,and even less by their later ones. But, an afternoon workshop with Tuxedo Moon....whats going on there?