Monday, 1 September 2014

Unrest Work & Play ‎– "Sound Every Day" (Political Underground Records ‎– PU3) 1983

UWP's second 12 incher, is better than their first. More of the same splintered,falling down, art damaged post-punkery. They never got better than this.
They released an album on Recommended records,which was pretty crap, called “Informs”; I've included the best three tracks from this in the Zip file.(sorry I deleted the rest of the "Informs" album some time ago like a twat;so no full album to download i'm afraid!)

Tracklist :

A1 Change 2:25
A2 New Systems Arrive 2:07
A3 Bananas 5:51
B1 Wake Up Time 2:20
B2 Capital Swings 1:40
B3 Ritual Appearance 2:22
B4 Louder Than Language 6:31


Frieda said...

Hmm...this reminds me of Milk From Cheltenham or some other It's War Boys/Homosexuals/Jim Whelton side project (Vic Serf, maybe?). I suppose 'Bananas' is their 'Hearts in Exile'? Interesting.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I assume there was a large amount of cross pollination between these groups,as they all virtually lived in the same squats.