Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Camberwell Now ‎– "Greenfingers" (INK Records ‎– INK 1224) 1987

Another This Heat rehash, gives this EP it's title,and opening track. This again suffers from losing Charles Bullen's guitar melody,as best heard on the 1982 European tour bootlegs,like “live in Amsterdam”. There is one original on this record that I absolutely love,and is strangely one of my favourite songs ever!?....”Know How”,is a profound reflection on the bizarre stand off that exists between this planets (not so) secret rulers and the controlled masses. We all know whats going on,and we know that they know,and they know that we know!? Hidden in plain sight like a gorilla on a basketball court ,nobody notices he's there because they are so distracted by the game. But we know he's out there puncturing the ball,and selling it back to the referee. Just because they're out to get you,doesn't mean you're paranoid.

The simple melody harmonises perfectly with the truth of the text,to make a sad indictment of the human character....”If you knew how, you'd do it too”. Its the same trait that turns pop stars from great and talented people into Arseholes. Of course we all like to think that we wouldn't turn into the worst kind of meglamaniac given a smidgen of power;but the sad fact is 99% of us do.History has shown endless examples,from traffic wardens/extermination camp guards,to Local Politicians/Genocidal Dictators. You total fucking Arseholes! Love Jonny Zchivarsehole.


A Greenfingers  5:40
B1 Mystery Of The Fence  3:10
B2 Know How  3:42
B3 Element Unknown  1:32



Nick said...

hello sir, this file appears to have dis-appeared

Jonny Zchivago said...

That's a bugger. I have re-uploaded the errant file, for your delectation. It will NOT happen again!

Anonymous said...

You sir are one of the only bright spots on the web. Much appreciated in these dark times. Oakland, CA

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thank you, you are a gentleman.
There aint many good sites these days. I like Bleak Bliss,and Wet Dreams,at least.
Everyone gave up like a bunch of pussies during the 'Crackdown of 2012.

Nick said...