Friday, 12 September 2014

This Heat / Albert Marcœur ‎– "Untitled" (split C-35, Tago Mago 4753) 1982

More early Heat from 1977/8, as This Heat do Can's ethnological forgery series with some bloke from Ghana, called Mario Boyer Diekuuroh. Do I detect Gamelan instruments,and various ethnic percussion devices jamming with our heroes? World music crossover is one of the worst ideas since the Sinclair C5. Never understood the appeal it has to the white middle classes of the west. Probably so they can say “I'm not Racist I like World Music”!? I'm pretty open minded (yes!?)musically,as you likely guessed, but World music/afro beat goes in the 'just don't get it' dustbin of my mind,along with: Soul music, Hip Hop ,white reggae(which Charles Bullen inexplicably stooped to after This Heat!?), and whatever category Mumford and sons are in! And I have tried to like this shit believe me! (except Mumford and Son who I could quite easily beat to death with their fucking banjo!).

At least on this cassette we are saved by the presence of This Heat to bring some sanity to the situation, and no banjo's! There are a few good moments,but don't expect it to sound like Deceit, just like some ethno jam sessions,with some passing traveller hippie they met in a pub when drunk.

The other side of this cassette has some fairly interesting modern composition avant rock crossover symphony film soundtrack, called “Deux lions au Soliel”, by some French ex-progger Albert Marcoeur. Good stuff,especially the last part which I mistook for an unknown This Heat number.


A Albert Marcœur- Deux Lions Au Soleil
B This Heat with Mario Boyer Diekuuroh- Various Cassette Recordings, 1977-78

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