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This Heat ‎– "This Heat" (Piano ‎– THIS-1) 1979

If any post punk record betrays the genre's roots in pre punk proggy acts,then its This Heat. An entire spectrum of experimental prog acts can be referenced in the second track “Hoizontal Hold” alone, from AMM to Can, to Canterbury. By track three,”Not Waving”, we have Kluster, and Eno (not cluster and eno), and a dysfunctional Robert Wyatt starts singing as if he's still falling from the building that paralysed him. Holgar Czukay style tape splicing is a prominent creative tool,along with sixties avant-garde standards, the Tape Loop and Short wave radio.

As well as wearing its influences on its sleeves,”This Heat” introduces markers for contemporary and future musics,such as Ambient house,Post rock, Dark ambient,Industrial,and No Wave.

No-one was playing music they wanted to hear, so in the spirit of the times This Heat 'did it for themselves',and of course were over looked for it. Too prog for the punks, too rock for the avant garde, too weird for the new wave,too aggressive for the hippies. History, however has dealt them kindly, as rightly, they are now regarded as 'Legendary',and an infinitely large percentage of the planet now know of this unique group. Sadly too late for now deceased Gareth Williams,the non-musician of the group,who moved on in 2001. Though, i'm sure, if there turns out to be a Heaven after all, God,Jesus, Allah(are these entities the same person?),and/or Satan, will have informed his soul that they are This Heat fans, if there is any benevolent justice aprés mort?

Track Listing:

A1 Testcard
A2 Horizontal Hold
A3 Not Waving
A4 Water
A5 Twilight Furniture
B1 24 Track Loop
B2 Diet Of Worms
B3 Music Like Escaping Gas
B4 Rainforest
B5 The Fall Of Saigon
B6 Testcard

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