Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Dead C ‎– "Eusa Kills" (Flying Nun Records ‎– FN130) 1989

Well, I won't go through a description of the Dead C sound again! I'm sure everyone knows what they sound like anyway, as they are probably one of the most famous groups featured in these revered pages. This is a collection of 'out-takes' from earlier times,but is easily the equal of their best work.
What's interesting ,in these dangerous times, is the title. EUSA, for me means the European U.S. cabal that at this moment is plunging us into another conflict that has nothing to do with us. Yes, this 'Islamic' army has, allegedly, beheaded our citizens; but they behead far less people than one of our new allies, the lovely Saudi Arabia.A place where Adultery, Sodomy,Sorcery(?),"apostasy", "blasphemy" and Robbery, can result in you losing your head, literally!
Islamic State,if the media can decide on what they are called, if they exist at all, are labelled "Terrorists". Whereas, the Zionists, who,after WW2, enthusiastically hung British Soldiers, (who,incidentally, came from a place that was a haven for Jews and fought against Nazi Germany),in the name of a Jewish Homeland and are called "Freedom Fighters"? Creating a Nazi style mirror state that builds ghettos for Muslims,freely bombs, and invades its neighbours at will,searching for Lebensraum! Bizarrely they are another "Ally" of Saudia Arabia. Now, a year after all "Free" democracies voted against military action in Syria, Eusa are attacking the very people that the Obama administration were supplying,illegally, with weapons!?
The title of this fine record sums it all up....."EUSA KILLS". Its the war of the acronyms......EUSA vrs ISIS.......even though one suspects that ISIS is a creation of the west to keep this endless war against terror going; they certainly supplied them. And they almost certainly pay them. More Fear, more business for Halliburton etc, and more control, both economic and Orwellian.


A1 Scary Nest 2:43
A2 Call Back Your Dogs 0:38
A3 Alien To Be 2:50
A4 Phantom Power 6:09
A5 Now I Fall 3:37
A6 I Was Here 1:49
B1 Children 3:33
B2 Bumtoe 3:32
B3 Glasshole Pit 1:05
B4 Maggot 7:01
B5 Envelopment 2:17

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Anonymous said...

While I agree with the points you made in what you wrote, EUSA is specifically a reference to the book Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban, which you should read if you haven't.

Great site, by the way!

Jonny Zchivago said...

That makes at least two of us then,we're on our way!
I'll check that book out ,thanks.:)

J.H.M. said...

Speaking as a half-Jewish person with relatives who died in the Holocaust, I feel that Netanyahu and his ilk are loathsome human beings who make the world more dangerous for people like me. I have no fondness whatsoever for the likes of Hamas, but the assertion that the hardliners in the Israeli government are any less bloody-minded and crazed is absurd. They are both hideous bigots who hold power through fear and sacrifice their countrymen for it.

As for Syria and Iraq, the situation is just fucking insane and I feel really bad for the Yezidis. That's about all I can say definitively. Also, Kurdistan is probably going to be its own country by the end of 2015 and the Turkish government are going to be really pissy about it, as they are wont to do whenever an ethnic group that their ancestors massacred gets one over on them.

J.H.M. said...

P.S. Russell Hoban is cool and this album is grand. Have a good day.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suspect that most europeans have some 'jewish' DNA. Eva Braun ,it has been established, had Ashkenazi jew DNA.(is this where the nazi's got their name from?) Hitler most likely also. So Netanyahu is in esteemed company. Its the Zionist agenda, an agenda also encouraged by certain members of the Nazi party, thats fucking it all up for Israel...and unfortunately the innocent 'Jews'. Isn't it a religion anyway, and not a race?
Why is this planet so fucked up?
I think its summed up nicely above!?

J.H.M. said...

It is a little of both. As any doctor will tell you, there are some weird recessive genes in every Jewish population that indicate a continuous line of descent with a relatively small gene pool, but that gene pool really breaks off into a whole host of distinct ethnic groups—from Sweden to the Malabar Coast and everywhere in between, and every colour of the rainbow... all with the TASACS gene. Science!

Regarding Hitler: Insofar as I can tell, the rumours of his ancestry seem unlikely, but what *is* known about him is about as strange. It's also worth keeping in mind that his racial policies were as much about stealing valuables and making good soldiers out of his own people they were about his personal manias.

As for the likes of Haganah... I find it ironic that the people who bombed hotels during WWII were willing to make extensive land concessions (including making Jerusalem an international zone!) that the current regime would never even think once of considering. The irony is excruciating.