Saturday, 6 September 2014

This Heat - "Live In Reims 22/05/1982"

I can imagine the French really taking This Heat seriously as “Artistes”. The audience in Rheims, full of swarthy chin stroking art students reeking of that distinctive French male "parfum".....B.O.pour Homme!
The French are generally completely clueless when it comes to music after 1812, or any contemporary culture. But at least someone took this fine group seriously,as they were criminally ignored in the UK.
This bootleg must have been taped by one of these bestubbled mime students,probably riding a unicycle, as they are frequently prone to do. This would explain the flanging effect that adds some unwanted psychedelia to this cassette recording. Not one of the best recordings,but beneath the haze there hides another hot performance from This Heat.
I think the “Aerial Photography” track is in fact “Working Night”,but I do find it difficult to tell the difference between those two tracks and “Greenfingers”,as there seems to be no definitive This Heat version of any of them; which is why it was always worth going to see 'em,was it not?

Track Listing:

01 Greenfingers
03 Working Night
04 Makeshift Swahili
05 Twilight Furniture
06 Music Escaping Like Gas
07 A New Kind Of Water
08 Cenotaph
09 Health And Efficiency

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