Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Cassiber ‎– "Man Or Monkey" (riskant ‎– 76.28640-1) 1982

Another from the Recommended Records stable,is Cassiber, a sort of Rock in Opposition supergroup, Chris Cutler (Henry Cow, and loads of other groups), Heiner Goebbels (no relation to Josef), and Free Jazzer/composer (Alfred Harth). This is the kind of music that those with low self-esteem play to impress people more intelligent than themselves.
Drummy improv jazz rock, with bursts of Picasso playing the trumpet, or sax, or look how many instruments I can play (Alfred Harth). There are a couple of tracks that accidentally sound like Bow Wow Wow(?); maybe they had top forty radio on before these improv sessions?
Am I impressing you?
I sincerely hope not; but this is a rather good tuneful semi-improvised LP that should appeal to a wide spectrum of prog rockers and euro prog fans across the northern hemisphere,and quite a bit of the southern one too.
Bow Wow Wow anyone?


A1 Not Me 3:38
A2 Red Shadow 3:49
A3 Chor Der Gefangenen (The Prisoner Chorus) 4:51
B1 Our Colourful Culture 3:04
B2 O Cure Me 5:53
B3 This Core 4:20
C Man Or Monkey 16:38
D1 Django Vergibt 3:09
D2 Die Verunreinigung Des Flusses Ist Gerade Noch Erträglich 6:38
D3 Sag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind (Where Have All Flowers Gone) 2:41

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