Monday, 1 September 2014

Unrest Work & Play ‎– "Andy & Chris" (Art Hole Records ‎– AH1) 1982

Another, This Heat, Metabolist,The Work inspired Recommended Records related act was Unrest,Work and Play.(Just realised that they had the word 'Work' in their group moniker......scheech?).
Unrepetitive,awkward time signatured, fractured art rock of the highest quality. They sounded an awful lot like The Work in fact,but that ain't no bad thing,especially in a time when nobody sounds like The Work.

The title of this release is unclear. Some are listing it as "Untitled", some as "Worrying Hats", others as "Andy & Chris". I decided to use the latter because it appears as such on the spine.
Total time, Side A- 8:35. Side B- 9:40 


A1 Worrying Hats
A2 Tongues & Bones
A3 We Believe
B1 Common Sense
B2 Shapes Of Work
B3 Zombie Culture

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