Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Six Minute War - "Live in Cassandra, London" (Finger in the Dike HOLE 001, Dutch C-60 Cassette) 1980

After all that bleating from the hive minds of the anarcho-punk throng of Bullshit Detector volumes 1 to 3, we close this sorry episode with the best Anarcho punk band(even though they weren't anarchists!?);...with this ultra beyond lo-fi live cassette recording of non-anarchist anarcho-punk prime movers Six Minute War, who prided themselves on their DIY ethics(DIY not EMI was their slogan),and didn't like Crass.....which is something to be applauded. I also apologise to the band for referring to them as "Anarcho", 'cus as stated in their lyrics,they weren't Anarchist apologists, but preferred the "Social Disorder" form of personal freedom. I must agree with that, 'cus who wants Steve Ignorant telling you what to do under the black flag of...... (said in a girly voice with a hint of sneery sarcasm)....'anarchy'.

Please note great underwater version of 'Silver Machine'
They shared this cassette with a crap band called Pitfall.....couldn't be arsed to transfer that side of the tape...virtually unlistenable.

Track listing:

1 Bigwig
2 Progress
3 Stike Labelled
4 He's Dead
5 Guitarist
6 Sell Out
7 Nurses
8 Tony Pike
9 Strontium 90
10 Protect & Survive
11 Youth Culture
12 So Sad
13 Silver Machine



Stu said...

Jonny Zchivago sir. You and this blog are fucking magnificent.

Kind Regards,


Jonny Zchivago said...

fuckin' 'ell Stu,you just made me cry!....well...sort of.

djp said...

I was 17 when the B.D.V1 came out and the continuous playing of this so shit-fi and primitive energy brought us with a friend to begin a group (The untitled). This was our first influence because we wasn't possibly playing things like PIL, CRASS, Mass, Pop group, Poison girls, or any group we used to prefer in the limited choice available in our bxlian stores. We wasn't musician at all and that kind of production looked accessible, even if it was not so simple cause we first had no instrument and had to build approximative sources of sound. After one years while recovering or collecting the cheapest unwanted material, we was a kind of classic band with guitar/bass/drums/singer with sometimes a synthesizer or percussions and than after 4 lives (we used to play with "Nuit St Georges" and "Typhus") , we classically split...

The traces of The untitled are here:
There are some interesting songs in a kind of fake english that may sometimes take unexpected meanings (?)

djp said...

Ooops! message gone...

So, thanx a lot for this and for all this great blog!