Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cleaners From Venus – "13" (Man At The Off Licence ‎– 013) 1990

At last, we come to the last Cleaners from Venus 100% DIY release,the post-RCA debacle "13".Its more of the same from Martin Newell and crew, catchy melodious psychedelic pop,very strong lyrically and musically. In fact this is surprisingly excellent for 1990, as most groups had got 'luvved up' on E's; a subject nicely documented on track two on side one. A horrible time for pop music, where the white man was seen dancing like a bit-part extra in a zombie movie, and every drummer played the same ten second sample from a James Brown lp over,and over,and over again! Where even good groups like The Telescopes were turned on to tambourines and stripy tops.Fucking really crap stuff!Refreshingly, The Cleaners never were ones to follow trends,as with Punk,the same attitude was applied to Mad-fucking-chester and the Baggy Beat. They still churned out endless numbers of great tunes,like all the tracks on this swansong for the Man at the Off Licence cassette label.While I have been posting all this stuff by The Cleaners from Venus,Martin Newell etc; I have seen the number of hits on this blog plummet by at least 30%! It seems that this stuff ain't too popular with my regular audience, even though it is probably some of the most ideologically pure DIY stuff on this site.And they remained so long after the majority of UK DIYers had packed it in.So don't worry,I will be returning soon to the copious amount of Industrial cassettes that I have waiting in the wings.......even though they all sound exactly the same as each other. Its probably some of the least adventurous and formulaic musick ever made; but you kids love it.......and so do I really.But I do feel the need to slag it off for the same reasons I'd slag off boy band muzak. It follows a generic formula that ultimately suffocates it,and makes it sadly pointless; except that I'd rather eat Louis Walsh's shit than listen to the illuminati owned and inspired sexual propaganda of crap like The Wanted and One Direction.

 "No Record Companies Please!" 

A1 The Jangling Man 
A2 No Go (For Louis Macneice) 
A3 Mariette 
A4 A Man For Our Time 
A5 Here She Crashes 

B1 A Street Called Prospect 
B2 Minesweeping Memory Lane 
B3 Germayne (Like A Cathedral) 
B4 Boy From The Home Counties 
B5 The Tear Collector 
B6 Christmas In Suburbia 



Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Z,
what I like about your blog is being introduced to various kinds of music, discovering rarities from old favourites like the Cabs or even be confronted with ones musical heritage (hilarious Amon Düül). So thanks a lot for posting the Cleaners! There is nothing wrong with uhm... melodies and musical craftmanship as you already mentioned before.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thats the purpose of this blog, apart from giving me something to do,and to flex my critical writing muscles.
Amon Düül.....OMFG.....i struggled to put it into words how bad on all levels they were.But i enjoyed doing it.
When i am relaxing I only ever play song based music,contrary to popular opinion I never eat my lunch accompanied by my fav Whitehouse album.I think I've played all my noise albums maybe one each in thirty years;but i appreciate them greatly as art objects.Or i play them to shock and annoy idiot i don't like, which maybe is the true purpose of them after all?
Many thanks for your comment.

Vote4cake said...

WOO, the Cleaners From Venus uploads are back.

This tape is the one I still had not downloaded and listened to. When I heard the first few seconds of the first track, I was instantly hooked.
I've finished listening to the tape just a while ago, and I want to listen to it again.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yup, the cleaners from venus are fucking excellent, and so is this tape. In fact i'm gonna play it again now!

Unknown said...

I really appreciate all your posts and uploads. Especially the Martin Newell stuff. Please post more of his stuff

Sophie said...

Thanks for this :)