Sunday, 6 July 2014

Stray Trolleys ‎– "Secret Dreams Of A Kitchen Porter" (Man At The Off Licence ‎– NOW 004) 1979

The Stray Trolleys don't half sound like The Cleaners from Venus don't they?That's because they are/were The Cleaners from Venus,but this time in a 1979 vintage.When everyone else was listening to the deconstructed rock/pop song, like Wire and the Gang of Four, Martin Newell and chums were busy RE-constructing the pop song.All the Cleaners main attributes are here in fuzzy lo-fi,like jangly melodies,social relevance, and psych-stalgia; all under the umbrella of the noble slogan,"Bankrupt the Biz - Buy DIY". An ominous prediction of what we are doing now in the bloggersphere.Apparently these were "demo's",if they exist in the DIY world at all? And weren't released until 1982;including a daringly straight tribute to those DIY legends, otherwise known affectionately as The Fab Four. 



A1 Secret Dreams Of A Kitchen Porter 
A2 Russian Picture 
A3 Bontemps Roulez 
A4 Mrs. Diller 
A5 Teenage Gunmen   

Silver Side 

B1 Five Pieces Written For An Autumn Art Exhibition The Theme Of Which Was "The Small Hours" 
B2* She Luv's U - A Tribute To The Fab Four By The Cleaners From Venus
*(had to misspell the title of B2 to avoid the Apple Mafia who got me banned the last time i posted this tape!?)

DOWNLOAD the kitchen porters dreams HERE! 
DOWNLOAD the kitchen on mediafire HERE!

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