Monday, 7 July 2014

Fallout - "Salami Tactics E.P." - (Fallout Records F2) 1982

Recorded Between 12am + 8am 30th sept 1982, At Ark studio Kingston by Charlie and Rob, formerly of the DIY punk legends: Six Minute War
As you may know I like Six Minute War and Fallout's attitude to the Anarcho-Punk bores like .....Crass,and the legions of the washed out black clothing throng what followed and copied everything they did. It gives me a headache just thinking about 'em.......(groan!)
But this is another great release from Fallout(check album here), featuring more versions of the same melody, guitar sounds that sound like a bucket of gravel in an oil drum, and even a bass line ripped directly off of Joy Division('Fly The Flag'), which is a hearty recommendation in itself.
Again totally self-released and created( although due to inflation yu had to shell out a hefty 90p to own this in 1982)......and they stayed up all night to record it,and probably went to work afterwards;now that's rock and roll....isn't it?

Track Listing:

Slice It Up Mp3

Sugar + Spice

Peter Sutcliffe

Fly The Flag

Download some salami flavoured tic-tacs HERE!

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