Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cleaners From Venus ‎– "Midnight Cleaners" (Man At The Off Licence ‎– MAO 005) 1982

To quote the notes on the insert:"This is the cleaner's third tape. Anti-fashion but pro-pop." Couldn't sum this fantastic tape up better if I tried; but I will try. Firstly this contains my favourite Cleaners track, in a new improved version from the one on "Blow Away Your troubles"; "Wivenhoe Bells II". Which is a superb misty eyed reanimation of a lost England using a lost style of English pop; Whimsical Psychedelia. Secondly, this whole album is full of similarly post psychedelic/post punk classic pop song-writing.It is,simply, the best CFV album,in my opinion; and, not that you give a flying shit, I love it! Also ideologically sound, as betrayed on the insert: "No rights reserved. If you have money, buy it, if you don't copy it. If you do copy it write to us (S.A.E. please) for a cover." I approve! 


Pop Side 

A1 This Rainy Decade 
A2 Time In Vain 
A3 Only A Shadow 
A4 Corridor Of Dreams 
A5 Wivenhoe Bells II 

Art Side 

B1 Midnight Cleaners 
B2 Factory Boy 
B3 A Wretched Street 
B4 Don't You Worry About The Ads 

DOWNLOAD a clean midnight for yourself,'cus you deserve it HERE!

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Anonymous said...

Back in the day when music was expensive and an LP habit could get you in serious debt saying "pay if you can, copy if you don't" made a lot of sense. The thing is now the kids do have money but would rather spend it on just about anything other than a release. So 100 squid for a pair of earphones, no problem, monthly phone contract £30 +, that's essential, skinny frappualpacino £2.80 of course - £5 for a download - you gotta be joking man, give me a copy for nowt - yea we really fucked the music industry....
Ta for the Cleaners BTW