Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cleaners From Venus ‎– "Midnight Cleaners" (Man At The Off Licence ‎– MAO 005) 1982

To quote the notes on the insert:"This is the cleaner's third tape. Anti-fashion but pro-pop." Couldn't sum this fantastic tape up better if I tried; but I will try. Firstly this contains my favourite Cleaners track, in a new improved version from the one on "Blow Away Your troubles"; "Wivenhoe Bells II". Which is a superb misty eyed reanimation of a lost England using a lost style of English pop; Whimsical Psychedelia. Secondly, this whole album is full of similarly post psychedelic/post punk classic pop song-writing.It is,simply, the best CFV album,in my opinion; and, not that you give a flying shit, I love it! Also ideologically sound, as betrayed on the insert: "No rights reserved. If you have money, buy it, if you don't copy it. If you do copy it write to us (S.A.E. please) for a cover." I approve! 


Pop Side 

A1 This Rainy Decade 
A2 Time In Vain 
A3 Only A Shadow 
A4 Corridor Of Dreams 
A5 Wivenhoe Bells II 

Art Side 

B1 Midnight Cleaners 
B2 Factory Boy 
B3 A Wretched Street 
B4 Don't You Worry About The Ads 

DOWNLOAD a clean midnight for yourself,'cus you deserve it HERE!


Anonymous said...

Back in the day when music was expensive and an LP habit could get you in serious debt saying "pay if you can, copy if you don't" made a lot of sense. The thing is now the kids do have money but would rather spend it on just about anything other than a release. So 100 squid for a pair of earphones, no problem, monthly phone contract £30 +, that's essential, skinny frappualpacino £2.80 of course - £5 for a download - you gotta be joking man, give me a copy for nowt - yea we really fucked the music industry....
Ta for the Cleaners BTW

Anonymous said...

Gasp! By chance, The Captain's "Mad Cows & Englishmen" has escaped the blow.... job not to do. Oooops, sorry. And I'm sure they're trading with my original Cleaners From Venus stollen from me years ago. There must be an end to that.
Illya Kuryakin

Anonymous said...

By the way, it was me!! Martin Newell is the greatest songwriter in the world!!
Serge Zéni