Sunday, 6 July 2014

Martin Newell ‎– "Songs For A Fallow Land" (Man At The Off Licence ‎– (0)(0)(9) 1985

I've always been a big fan of 'Poverty'.Not the 'Poverty' that the big secret Boss man uses to control and suppress us of the underclass, Africans, and other lower social stratum.But, 'Poverty' as a kind of creative hunger, as motivation to create something 'rich' for yourself,and ultimately, others.If you can do this and resist the juicy carrots that the 'Boss Man' will dangle in an attempt to steal your creativity, then you will not become crap and a sell-out twat.This has been the route to greatness ever since original Hippie, Jesus H. Christ,threw his toys out of the pram on the steps of the Temple in Jerusalem.Martin Newell continued on this righteous path with this Solo cassette album from 1985; one of the very worst years in music ever!Martin alone in his bedroom,with drum machine and four track,churns out more unashamedly catchy melodies; but,i'm afraid, not as catchy as the tapes he made with other bandmates.This is the problem with interacting with a drum box rather than fallible human beings; it's lost that swing,that essential looseness.But still fucking good,and better than nearly all the pop of 1985.Syd Barrett makes another appearance,this time as a version of his Madcap classic "Late Night"; which in the hands of Newell reveals the pop potential of Syd's unique songwriting.What a great tune.If this fellow sold out in 1985 he could have been up there with The Smiths on Top of the Pops, and maybe even grassed up Saville for the world; but surely he would have fell foul of the Illuminati peado ring black mail squad,as many others,like those BBC liars, have.Alas, Mr Newell still scores 10 out of 10 for ideology and keeping it real:"It can be done.Now do it yourselves.What if they started a record company and nobody signed? Ha! Ha! Ha!" 


A1 Sun Comes To The Wood 
A2 Julie Profumo 
A3 Soul Monday 
A4 Gamma Ray Blue 
A5 Heroin Clones 

B1 Winter Palace 2 
B2 Golden Lane 
B3 Stars Are Cold 
B4 Late Night .
B5 Beyond...... 

DOWNLOAD from a fallow land HERE!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making me discover this. I came here looking for the usual industrial music that I like (and you have some great stuff here!), not knowing at all about this Martin Newell and his bands... It had been a while since I hadn't had this kind of love at first sight/hearing. The "Golden Lane" song on this album is a pure gem.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Its good to know that Industrial fans have a liking for song-craft.Martin Newell is a melodic genius.