Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The Instant Automatons - "Blues Masters of the Humber Delta" (Deleted Records DEC 010) 1980

Instant Automatons third cassette album release from about 1980, on the near mythical cassette label from Grimsby, Deleted Records. More of the usual bedroom acoustics, third generation tape overdubs, and cheapo solid state sounds from (the late and much missed)Protag and Mark Automaton(aka the instant automatons)................I thought they were called the Instant Automations (see the "tions" instead of the "tons") for years,and still call them that,in fact i prefer it.
Anyway, another great tape from deleted.....gods of hiss they are.
You can get "Tape Transport", another great Instant Automatons c-90, elsewhere in this blog,or download it here.

Track Listing:

Laburnum Walk
Mr. McPhee
Esoteric No. 2 - Blazing Pedals
Catacomb (live)
Catacomb (studio)
Prisoner Of The Grapevine (Whitfield/Strong/391)
I Think Somebody Must Have Poisoned Me
Then He Hit Me
Esoteric No. 5 - Brains Under Glass
Restless Night (live)
Ballad Of The New Things
Disillusion (live)
August '78 (live)
When The Pubs Close (Automatons/G. Bailey)
Outro (live)

Download from the humber delta HERE!

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