Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cleaners From Venus ‎– "Living With Victoria Grey" (Man At The Off Licence) 1986

Such Melodious joy!As if one was listening to one of those Bam Caruso records that were so popular in 1986. There are a fair few classic Psych tunes on this C40, sparkling with jangly splendour,as befits these 60's obsessives. I heard they got signed to RCA after this, the dirty sell outs. The only thing I don't like about this tape, is the authentically awful jokey bits; which you got on many an original Psych period LP. There's nothing worse than Psychedelic Humour; its like being held hostage in a sixth form common room with all the rich kids re-enacting the 'Parrot Sketch'.Please Kill Me Now! But, the songs are ALL great, especially the title track ,and "Follow The Plough ";although that track is spoiled by a thirty second intro of the dreaded jokey bits!You can easily edit it out if you can be arsed.I certainly can't be,but I quite enjoy being pissed off in a perverse kind of way.Its all part of life's bitter sweet pageant ain't it? 


A1 Victoria Grey (1) 
A2 Ilya Kuryakin Looked At Me 
A3 Clara Bow 
A4 Follow The Plough 
A5 Stay On 

B1 What's Going On (In Your Heart?) 
B2 The Mercury Girl 
B3 Armistice Day 
B4 Pearl 
B5 Victoria Grey (2) 

DOWNLOAD a grey victorian HERE!

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