Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Anorexia ‎– "Rapist In The Park ep" (Slim ‎– SJP812) 1980

Talking about The Fatal Microbes in the previous Pete Fender Post, reminded me of this similar sounding masterpiece by Anorexia.
Political correctness kills punk rock, full stop (check out the Die or DIY? politically incorrect  compilation , "Wrong Songs and Banned Bands" by clicking here!). Its not just the powers that be, that constitute the evil brain police of this reality, its the multitudinous Tom Robinson-alikes that infiltrate what the REAL people are doing that represent such a danger. Therefore I reckon it is my duty to push forward a fine politically unworthy specimen of incorrect tunage, such as the magnificentAnorexia's - "Rapist in the Park" symphony. 
Not only is the group name punishable by imprisonment in today’s thought controlled environment, but the subject matter of the title track is something also to be swept under the shagpile carpet.
Thanks largely to some early exposure of John Peel's Radio 1 program, "Rapist in the Park" (released on the band's own Slim -- geddit? -- Records) earned the band some fans and made it possible for Anorexia to draw crowds around the South of England for a short while. Bizarrely, an early incarnation of George Michael's Wham! opened for the band on several occasions before evolving into that aural atrocity that we all know and hate.
As naively naughty as the title track is, the charm levels are increased ten fold by the closing track on this ep,"Pets", which includes such poetic delights as "Cats give me the Frights,/ I like cats in the night./I want a cat with purple 'air / Then it will be,..... very rare!"
Almost Shakespearian? Click on Pets for a sample of this almost Shakespearian genius.

Track Listing:

1 - Rapist in the Park
2 - I'm a Square
3- Pets(mp3)

Download Anorexia's Greatest moment Here!


Stu said...

Bloody grate!

mutantsounds said...

Any chance to find their 2nd e.p. ....not so punkish but great, kinda x ray sex meets essential logic....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Blimey, Mutants Sounds! I thought you had that? No, haven't got it in any form!
Wish I did......anybody out there got it?

Hows the health these days?

mutantsounds said...

hello Jonny
actually i'm pretty ok now....i started oeganising some gigs in Thessaloniki, Greece this time, with the biggest one bieng a one day festival with Greek early 80s post punk,minimal synth, etc bands, that included 10 bands and it was really a winner!

Unknown said...

I have the first ep mint condition. I want to sell it. London.

Unknown said...

I have the first ep to sell if anyone interested. London

Jonny Zchivago said...

Have you tried Discogs? The best place to get a good price for this stuff. Used it myself to flog a load of cassettes.