Monday, 7 July 2014

Fallout - " Fallout E.P." (Self-Released 7" vinyl) 1981

After half of Six Minute War fell out (geddit?) with the others,and split for Concrete and 400 Blows, the remaining members, Rob and Charlie, hammered on in the same vein as early Six Minute War,and called themselves, appropriately,Fallout . This is their first release,and is indistinguishable from their former groups records........therfore its great! And, in the great DIY punk tradition ,you can now save yourself 75p and download it here for free.

You can get a rare live performance of Fallout at the London Music Collective in jan 1983 at Kill Your Pet Puppy

Track Listing:

Conscription 1:05
Democracy? 1:55
Nuclear Power 1:35
Them + Us 1:45
Laughable Attack 1:45
Sign Away Your Life 2:10
Remember 2:20

Download for less than 75p HERE!

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