Sunday, 6 July 2014

Martin Newell ‎– "Two For The Winter" (Man At The Off Licence ‎– 007) 1983

No this isn't a lost Syd Barrett cassette! This is a "cassingle" from mr Cleaner From Venus, Martin Newell,aptly entitled, "Two for the Winter".This ain’t yer jangly melodic post punk psych,but more akin with the sonic playground of 'normal' UK DIY.Here, Mr Newell gets experimental; not much melody on show here, but two interesting duels between drum box and tandy effects units. There is rather too much annoyingly unamusing Pythonesque jiggery pokery going on in "When Fire Burns Dreams" for me, and much prefer the other track,which has more of a song basis,and no hippie capers ruining it.Obviously, from the pictures on the cover, Mr Newell quite fancies himself as a bit of a Syd Barret clone......and why not? Wear your influences on yer sleeve, why don't you? 


A When Fire Burns Dreams 
B Amateur Paranoiac 

DOWNLOAD two for the winter HERE!

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